Implant Crowns

The use of implant supported single crowns has become a well-established and preferred approach to compensate missing single teeth. There are two different types of prosthetic restorations; screw- retained and cemented restorations.

Screw Retained Implant Crown

A screw- retained crown is zirconium made, it has a small access hole that must be restored with a tooth colored filling to help the crown appear natural. They have the advantage of more predictable retrievability.  They require a minimal amount of interocclusal space and are easier to remove for hygiene maintenance, repair, replacement or any future surgical interventions.

Implant Cemented Crown

An implant cemented crown is a two step process, the first being the crown is cemented to an abutment that is screwed retained into the implant, then the crown is cemented to the abutment. It will look just like a natural tooth. The cemented crown is also made from zirconium. In the event that the abutment crown comes loose the crown will not be able to be removed without destroying it. This is why many times a screw retained implant crown is preferred.