TMJ/TMD Diagnosis

A well defined diagnosis can be determined when the exam encompasses more than just the symptom being reported. The focus is to identify the underlying problem. Pinpointing the primary problem will turnout a positive result that can be long lasting. This can be achieved with a very thorough diagnostic workup.  A considerable amount of time is taken to not only review your medical history but to also seek out any other symptoms that can guide us to the root of the problem.

A diagnostic workup consist of a thorough medical history, a review of symptoms, evaluation of sleep disordered breathing, CBCT (3-D image), full screening of TMJ’s, muscles of mastication (chewing muscles) and airway, JVA (records vibrations of the TMJ’s which gives information about the health of the joint) and Motor Reflex Testing (shows changes in the Central Nervous System due to a chronic injury).